35th Infantry Regiment (Cacti) Association 

The Cacti 2020 Reunion will be held Sept 24-27 in Minneapolis, MN. at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bloomington-Minneapolis South. You can make reservations by calling 952-835-7800 or by using their online reservation form.

You may Register for the Reunion online using your Credit Card or by printing a registration form and mailing it in.


President's Message



Greetings on Behalf of myself and the 35th Infantry Regiment Association.

Words don't really express my feelings on being elected the 2019/2021 Association President. The measure of trust our membership have placed in me both gladdens and humbles me. I will work to prove myself worthy of it everyday.

50 years ago when I first encountered the 35th Infantry Regiment we were a full Regiment. The 1st and 2nd Battalions were assigned to the 4th Infantry Division ( having been reassigned from the 25th Infantry division) and the 3rd Battalion was part of the Massachusetts National Guard. None of that mattered to me then. What did matter was being assigned to a unit that would help me return to my family and friends. Bravo Company 2/35th was such a unit. I grew an entirely new family while serving with them in Vietnam. Taking all that into account, when I did return to my blood family I wasn't that interested in getting back with the Cacti. That was before the internet was readily available to facilitate people searches. As time went by, I began to wonder how my brothers who broke trail with me, and who had my back as I had theirs, had fared. It turned out I wasn't the only one wondering..

And so we formed this Association; reconnected; and as much of our family was restored as possible.

If you've come to this site looking to satisfy those same questions about your Cacti brothers, look around and see what you can find. Think about joining us and becoming one of our Cacti family. I think you'll find this Association is a fantastic undertaking.

Welcome and Take Arms! Mike Slyck, President


Scholarship 2020


Don't Delay! It's time to get the kids/grandkids going on submitting their applications for a scholarship from the Association. This year we have eight awards of $2000 available, with the top applicant receiving $2500.

April 15 is the absolute cutoff date. On the Quick Links Menu above select "Scholarship" and follow the instructions. For questions, contact Dave Muxo, Scholarship Committee Chairman.

Battle of the Month

35th Infantry Regiment at GUADALCANAL

January 1943

Of all enemy strong-points in the South Pacific, that on Guadalcanal appeared most threatening because it lay closest to Australia and to the South Pacific ferry route. If the Americans were going to blunt the Japanese advance into the South Pacific, Guadalcanal would have to be the place, for no other island stood between the Solomons and Australia.

Ninety miles long on a northwest-southeast axis and an average of twenty-five miles wide, Guadalcanal presented forbidding terrain of mountains and dormant volcanoes up to eight thousand feet high, steep ravines and deep streams, and a generally even coastline with no natural harbors. With the south shores protected by miles of coral reefs, only the north central coast presented suitable invasion beaches.

In November the 25th Division was ordered to Guadalcanal as part of the relief of the 1st Marine Division. On the 25th, the 35th Infantry Regiment left Oahu on the first of three convoys transporting the 25th Infantry Division, arriving on 17 December, 1942. By the end of the first week in January, all three regimental combat teams (RCTs) of the 25th had arrived on Guadalcanal.

US Troops Landing on Guadalcanal

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News You Can Use

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Facebook - Are you a subscriber?

The Group "35th Infantry Regiment Association" was formed by Bill Henson and invites all current and former 35th Infantry Regiment veterans to join.

Similar to the Association's guestbook, the group offers the ability for posting comments, with the added benefit of the ability to post your photos and videos.

Hundreds of currently active and recently separated 35th Infantry veterans have joined the group. This, coupled with the membership of many Vietnam vets, makes it another great source for you to connect with those old buddies you've been looking for.

Already a Facebook Subscriber? Just search in Facebook for "35th Infantry Regiment Association".

A Facebook Account is Required to access the group


War Stories' Featured Story of the Month



What better way to kick off the introduction to the War Stories Section than by its Editor, Wiley "Tiny" Dodd

"Puckered" by Wiley Dodd 1969

Puckered- an involuntary restricting of the lower bowel extremities, due to fear, and self preservation (saving your ass).

There were times being a grunt in the bush in Vietnam where the enemy was not your greatest fear at least for a moment. Here's a few of the incidents that caused me some anxiety and fear resulting in being puckered.

We were in the Chu-Prong mountains where there are mammoth trees tall grass, and rock. We're loggered in a little circle on a small hill. On my side there is a small clear area and then a grove of trees about 50 meters from me. This was my second month in Vietnam and the guy set up with me Tim Marick had been in country about 5 months or so. There was a moon that night . .....


Got a “Cacti Story?  It can be a battle story.  A funny or sad story.  Just put it down the way you remember it.  If you want a “creative license” to embellish a little, you got it.  Only rule is not to be malicious. Submit them to Wiley "Tiny" Dodd by   today!

The Winter 2019 Edition is out.

The Cacti Times is the official publication of the 35th Infantry Regiment Association. Published three times a year, it brings our members news, history and much more.

Wellness Check

Ray Maylen, VP WWII & Korean Affairs

Did you or a buddy serve in WWII or Korea? If so, please contact our Secretary, Don Johnson, and let him know how you are doing. Too many of our heroes are leaving us.

Send our Secretary an   with an update on you or someone you know.

You Earned The Right!

Join the Association Today!


Captain Cpt. Kyu Ro, the Cacti Chaplin, provided a photo of the recently completed "Memorial Room" of the Cacti Quad. Don Johnson, our Secretary, helped them with the video presentation of our Cacti fallen.

Health & Welfare

Brian Hughes, Executive Vice President

Do YOU know someone in Need?

The Association's Health and Welfare Account currently has a very positive balance. To date, there has been only one request for financial assistance. Obviously more requests could be accommodated, but we have no knowledge of these situations. But maybe YOU can help from today and into the future. Should you be aware of a Cacti Brother that has fallen on hard times, suffered a loss such as a hurricane or a flood, has medical issues and is uninsurable, or anything else that cries for help, please be his ombudsman. These Health and Welfare funds were donated by you, our caring members, to be used for those in need not just to be saved for a rainy day. Please let us know about your brothers in need.

If you know of someone in need, or are that someone, please contact Brian Hughes by