As of now our reunion will go on as planned. Saying that we should be aware that the current situation if it continues into the summer could impact us. Those members who make reservations or already have made them can always cancel. Im sure the airlines will cooperate, although travel insurance may be a good investment. I do believe that well have the reunion, but we probably wont have a good idea until maybe July or August. Don Johnson

The Cacti 2020 Reunion will be held Sept 24-27 in Minneapolis, MN. at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bloomington-Minneapolis South. You can make reservations by calling 952-835-7800 or by using their online reservation form. You may Register for the Reunion either by PayPal or by printing a registration form and mailing it in.

President's Message

Welcome to the 35th Infantry Regiment (CACTI) Association website.

Here in the Northeast it looks like Winter is on the way out for this year. It seemed to last for longer than usual but that might have more to do with my bones being older than I like to admit. All I really know is I'm looking forward to some warmer weather.

Regardless of where we are, Spring heralds a time of rebirth and regrowth that I hope will extend to this Association. If you're one of our brothers and sisters who haven't yet joined us, I encourage you to consider it. Regardless of when you served with the 35th you're most welcome. Look around the site; see who and what we are; see how many of the folks you served with are already members; and finally join us.

It's also time to apply for one of our Cacti scholarships, if you haven't done so. These scholarships are intended to help our children and grandchildren continue their education After high school. Wether they're headed for college, university, trade school or apprenticeship programs we know there are costs associated with them and we want to help. Check the scholarship requirements on website.

Finally, I want to wish each of you a joyful Spring season. I hope to see each of you at our annual reunion in September.

Mike Slyck
35th Infantry Regiment (CACTI) Association
President 2020/2021
Bravo 2/35 1969-197
Cacti Forever


The clock is ticking for Scholarship Applications. Mail yours before April 15th to insure consideration for a scholarship this year. If you have difficulties obtainng documents because of current Corona Virus pandemic, please contact Dave Muxo at his Email address Here!

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