The Cacti 2020 Reunion will be held Sept 24-27 in Minneapolis, MN. at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Bloomington-Minneapolis South. You can make reservations by calling 952-835-7800 or by using their online reservation form. You may Register for the Reunion either by PayPal or by printing a registration form and mailing it in.

President's Message

Greetings on Behalf of myself and the 35th Inf Reg Association.

Words don't really express my feelings on being elected the 2019/2020 Association President. The measure of trust our membership have placed in me both gladdens and humbles me. I will work to prove myself worthy of it everyday.

50 years ago when I first encountered the 35th Infantry Regiment we were a full Regiment. The 1st and 2nd Battalions were assigned to the 4th Infantry Division ( having been reassigned from the 25th Infantry division) and the 3rd Battalion was part of the Massachusetts National Guard. None of that mattered to me then. What did matter was being assigned to a unit that would help me return to my family and friends. Bravo Company 2/35th was such a unit. I grew an entirely new family while serving with them in Vietnam. Taking all that into account, when I did return to my blood family I wasn't that interested in getting back with the Cacti. That was before the internet was readily available to facilitate people searches. As time went by I began to wonder how my brothers who broke trail with me and who had my back as I had theirs fared. It turned out I wasn't the only one wondering..

And so we formed this Association; reconnected; and as much of our family was restored as possible.

If you've come to this site looking to satisfy those same questions about your Cacti brothers, look around and see what you can find. Think about joining us and becoming one of our Cacti family. I think you'll find this Association is a fantastic undertaking.

Welcome and Take Arms!

Mike Slyck

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Reunion Photos

We had added reunion photos for the 2019 Jacksonville Cacti Reunion. Click on the Reunions tab to see them. And if you have photos that you would like added, please scan them and send them to Dave Muxo at


Greetings, fellow Cacti! Many of you have viewed our website but have not yet joined us. I have good news!

Annual Dues has been lowered to $20 for Annual Mail and $10 for Annual Email Memberships. Annual Mail will get you a hard copy of our Cacti Times News while Annual Email will get you a color copy of our great magazine.

We do not want to lose contact with you after all these years, so please consider this offer. It makes no difference who you served with and when/where you served; we have all walked the same ground!

Questions may be directed to Pete Birrow, Chairman Membership Committee, at Email Link Here

Take Arms!
Cacti Forever!

Constitution and Bylaws

The new Constitution and Bylaws as passed by the Association members at the 2018 Reunion in Portland, OR are posted under the Association tab above. For any questions please email Jim Anderson at his Email address Here!

Credit Card Dues Payment?

Look! Need Information on how to pay your Dues, Donations and Registration Fees Electronically? Contact Association Secretary Don Johnson to find out how! Email Link Here!


Most of us in the 35th Infantry Regiment Cacti Association would wish that we could offer each qualified applicant to our scholarship program a full scholarship each year.

The financial realities, of course, are far short of this requiring some rather severe compromises. But we must plan and work toward the best compromise we can obtain.

We ask the membership yearly to contribute toward a pot of funds that are used to monetize these funds.  We know that the membership often gets tired of being asked again and again for help with this funding but at the same time most of us feel that this is one of the most worthwhile things that we do.

So we will continue to ask and we may even step up our efforts in order to be able to award the greatest amount of financial support to the largest number of qualified Cacti family members.

Realistically at this time the best we may be able to do is to give out one-time awards to a limited number of applicants.  But if we work hard, and you are generous, we may at least be able to increase the number of scholarships awarded in any given year and perhaps even increase the dollar amount in some future years.

We need to do what we can to place this program on a solid foundation. Your generosity is the key.

There are currently two different target fund sources in use to try and maximize and stabilize our ability to award scholarships.

One is, of course, your donation to the Scholarship fund itself. The more that you give to this fund the more scholarships we can award. A simple explanation of the number of such awards that will be given is to take the total amount of scholarship funds available at the end of a given year and then divide it by $2000. The whole number that results represents the number of awards that can be given in the coming year. One of the awards is the Jim "Doc" Hall Award, which gives an additional $500 to the top rated applicant of the year. So, for instance, if we have $9,000 in the fund at the end of the year and we divide this by $2000 then we can award three scholarships for $2000 and one for $2500 during the following year. However, if we have $5000 in the fund at the end of the year, and divide by $2000 then we can only fund two scholarships, one for $2000 and one for $2500.

The Scholarship Reserve

This brings us to the second of our funds. Confusing as it may seem it is referred to as the "Scholarship Reserve" fund. This is our attempt to hedge against poorer years for scholarship fund raising.

Basically, the idea here is to obtain commitments from those of us who can afford this to pledge a certain amount of money per year to this "hedge" fund that will allow us to comfortably set a minimum number of scholarships per year.

Currently we are looking at four scholarships as our minimum desirable number. So in the case of the second example above, $5000 in the fund at the end of the year divided by $2000 would allow for only two scholarships.

By using the "Scholarship Reserve" fund (assuming that it has enough funds to do this) we would still be able to award the minimum number of four scholarships by utilizing $3500 from the reserve fund.

So simply put, the "Scholarship Reserve" fund is a hedge to assure a minimum number of scholarships every year while the Scholarship fund may allow us to go above the minimum number of awards.

For those of us who feel that they can contribute a yearly amount to the Scholarship Reserve, we would ideally ask that you pledge at least $100 per year over a five year period. A larger contribution is, of course, welcome and even a larger contribution in any given year would be beneficial (i.e. you give $100 annually for four years but find yourself able to give $200 or more in the 5th year.)

Giving to the Scholarship Reserve should not preclude giving to the Scholarship Fund. Any amount given to the scholarship fund is welcome and helpful and certainly multiple contributions during the year, as you find yourself able to contribute, would be even more helpful.

So there it is, our appeal to you to give until it hurts in an effort to help the children and grandchildren of the Cacti. Sorry but you will hear from us again. Please forgive us this intrusion. With your help we will make the best effort we can to help these kids.

NOT a Member? Or your Membership has Lapsed? Three times a year John Lorts, Editor, and Bill Henson, Associate Editor, create 32-44 pages of your Cacti history and news about our Active Cacti. As a Member you receive this excellent publication as a benefit. If you haven't seen the Cacti Times in its full color version we have a treat for you. Follow this link for a blast from the past. The 2014 Spring Edition: Click HERE to see what you are missing.

Can't wait to become a Member? Open and Print the Membership Form HERE



The War Stories Section has turned into a huge success with over one hundred stories written by our Cacti Members. Got a "Cacti War Story"? It can be a battle story, a funny or sad story. Just put it down the way you remember it. If you want to use "creative license" to embellish a little, you've got it. Only rule is not to be malicious.

Submit them to Wiley "Tiny" Dodd at Email, today!

Health & Welfare

Do YOU know someone in Need?

The Association's Health and Welfare Account currently has a very positive balance. To date, there has been only one request for financial assistance. Obviously more requests could be accommodated, but we have no knowledge of these situations. But maybe YOU can help from today and into the future. Should you be aware of a Cacti Brother that has fallen on hard times, suffered a loss such as a hurricane or a flood, has medical issues and is uninsurable, or anything else that cries for help, please be his ombudsman. These Health and Welfare funds were donated by you, our caring members, to be used for those in need not just to be saved for a rainy day. Please let us know about your brothers in need.

If you know of someone in need, or are that someone, please contact Pete Birrow by email by clicking HERE.

ALL information is kept confidential.