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Message from the President

As your new President, I look forward to leading The Association for the next two years. First I would like to thank the Association members who stepped up to assist the Color Guard for the opening and closing ceremony. Without you the ceremony couldn't have have happened. We cannot always depend on the actives with the current world events as they are, and those who stepped up made it happen. Thanks again!

As President I have discussed goals with Brian Disque, our Executive VP, One which is important to us all is how to get more of the men who have or are serving with the 35th Infantry Regiment to get involved in the Association; first by joining, second by becoming active in running the Association, and third by attending the reunions. It is your Association and you are the future.

We had requests at the reunion meeting for a committee to audit our financial books and I am working to get a chairman to lead and allow him to select his committee members.

Next year we will be putting forth a committee to nominate our next BOD in 2025. We ask that if you are asked to be on a committee that you be an active member and work with the Chairman so that he can report back to the BOD in a timely manner.

I look forward to the next two years as your President. If you have any suggestions that will benefit the Association please feel free to email any Board Member.

Cacti Forever,

John Morgan


Membership in the 35th Infantry Regiment (Cacti) Association is open to all persons who now serve with, or previously served with the 35th Infantry Regiment, United States Army; provided they were honorably discharged.

You have earned the right!

A Walk With the 35th Cacti KIAs - All Wars

Anyone interested in the history of the 35th Infantry Regiment can do no better than Jim Anderson's website "A Walk With the 35th". It is the most complete and comprehensive collection of documents, maps, logs, and reports regarding the 35th Infantry Regiment on the web.

KIA On This Day

Darwyn Hagen (K)
Henry Helton (W)
L Porter (W)

(N) Nogales, (W) WWII
(K) Korea, (V) Vietnam
(T) War on Terror, (A) Active

War Stories Cacti Times

A Real Surprise
by Frank Dahl

A Less Dangerous Assignment
by Vaughn Brauer

One of the benefits of membership in the Cacti Association is the Cacti Times. Click on the logo above to see a previous electronic version.